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The CozyBag™ all started with two young professionals who absolutely adored traveling, hiking, climbing and any other outdoor adventures. On one of our unforgettable journeys, we had the pleasure of meeting a now trusted long-term business partner and friend who had already established his inflatable hammock business in Europe. After hours of preparation and planning, we decided to bring the CozyBag™ inflatable hammock to Canada and give Canadians what they want, a trusted domestic brand with exceptional service.

In just four short months, CozyBag™ has grown into a team of 7 people ranging from young adventurous entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms that love to produce relevant travel and family curated content. Our mission at CozyBag™ is not only to deliver world class inflatable air hammocks, but also to share with people our insatiable desire to explore the world – whether it be through our CozyBlog, Instagram, or other mediums, we want to constantly show you beautiful things!

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